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Are you new to the work force? Maybe a seasoned professional? A manager looking to enhance the skills of their workers? No matter the who there is no better time then now to brush up or learn a new skill. This is where Bigger Brains comes in, with training courses from A to Z featuring a variety of topics from all things Microsoft 365, Outlook, Excel, Teams, SharePoint, Windows 10 and 11, as well as productivity tips from time management and management skills. There is a course for everyone no matter your skill level. Contact us now to discuss your options with learning with Bigger Brains

Microsoft 365: Course Updates

  • OneDrive in 30 Minutes (2024) 

    Dive into the heart of cloud collaboration as we guide you through accessing, editing, and sharing files with the web version of OneDrive for Business. You’ll learn how to seamlessly integrate OneDrive documents across Microsoft apps on your PC, Mac, or mobile device, making your workflow smoother and more connected.

  • OneDrive Essentials (2024)

    Dive deep into the functionalities that make OneDrive an indispensable tool for modern professionals. You’ll learn how to easily create and upload new files and folders, share them using various methods, and manage permissions to keep your documents secure.

  • Intro to Microsoft 365 (2024)

    Embark on a journey with us as you discover the extensive range of apps and services Microsoft 365 offers. You’ll learn to navigate the home screen with ease, finding your way through Recommended files and the Quick Access list to streamline your workflow

  • SharePoint Online Basics (2024)

    This comprehensive course will guide you through the intricacies of SharePoint Online, starting from the very basics. You’ll begin by learning to expertly navigate the home page and various sites, a crucial step to mastering SharePoint’s extensive capabilities.


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