SaaS PaaS IaaS. What the?

You have probably heard the terms floated around from time to time. PaaS Saas IaaS, are you too scared to ask what they mean ?

Let’s talk about them in the Microsoft world as a common thing as you may be more familiar with those products. But they are used widely now in the current business environments.

So without further ado as people say, let’s go.

SaaS so this would be Microsoft 365 environment.

See over here

Software as a Service.

So no longer do you need to fork out for a large expensive server and software to run your business, and have someone like me come look after it for you. Then replace it every 4-5 years as “Capital Expenses”. Cap-Ex. 

You now just rent the solution and Microsoft looks after the backend for you. You get on with running your business, paying a modest cost each month to keep it running.

PaaS so this would be Microsoft providing all the equipment to run your  software, you just look after your program/software. They provide the infrastructure and the machines and all the tools to look after your program, you run your software on top of that.  You don’t buy or look after the hardware anymore you just rent that from Microsoft. See over here for cloud services.

Kind of like renting an office. The landlord looks after the building, the surrounds, the car park, the lawns. They then fit out the building for you with desks and chairs and what ever you need, you just move in and occupy the office space. Then get on with business.

Again no large up front costs, you pay your monthly rental costs.

So then lastly IaaS, the infrastructure. 

Microsoft provides the infrastructure, you provide everything else. i.e. you provide the operating system, the program and all the other tools you need to make things work.

This would be the Windows 365 Azure Environment, your PC in the cloud.

So again with a building analogy, they just provide the building you want to work in you provide everything else. Again reducing that large capital intensive outlay up front.

Then as an overview what does this look like.

The image on the right or below shows who is responsible for what.

So note for SaaS Microsoft 365 you the customer are responsible for your information and it’s security and safety. The dark blue boxes, with a bit of shared responsibility. Hence why we backup this critical data elsewhere and provide security services. That is not Microsoft’s responsibility if something horrible goes wrong.

In summary:

SaaS is ideal for hassle-free access to pre-built software.
PaaS empowers developers to build custom applications without worrying about infrastructure.
IaaS provides raw infrastructure resources for organizations to create their own environments.
Remember, each model caters to different needs, so choose based on your specific requirements!

I hope that provides a bit more light on the matter. Else we are always here to help.

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