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Backing Up

Backing up – the lifeline to Business

Data is often referred to as the lifeblood of every modern business, makes sense. Data is everything you collect in the day-to-day life of a business. Being able to mine this data allows a business to develop strategies around all facets of its activities.

With the floods on the eastern coast of Australia, the recent high-profile hacks of Optus, and Medibank private means this topic is front of mind for all Australian business owners.
What are the keys to understanding Backup and Data Recovery?
While all It professionals will have various preferences related to technologies and strategies to data backup and disaster recovery. They will all be following key principles related to backup and recovery. One of these ley principles is to ensure that you have multiple copies of your data backed up. So that you can deal with ransomware attacks, natural disasters, Shardware failures and human error of accidental deletion of data.

Cyber Attack

Good cybersecurity is always a challenge.

No matter what size of business you are or how complicated your home computer environment is we are all aware that the challenges of staying cybersecurity are ever present. The daily papers and many research reports indicate the challenge is becoming bigger and more complex.
Covid 19 has contributed to the complexity of the cybersecurity challenge with the requirement for people to work remotely, and now we have the ‘here to stay’ hybrid challenge of combing remote working with a return to working in the office.
Part of the challenge is to how to effectively support your workers from home and ensure that employees accessing business networks using their own devices is undertaken in a manner that minimise and mitigates risk of a cyber-attack.

The Human Touch


The human error of accidentally deleting key emails and documents is a far more prevalent threat to an organisation than other threats. When it happens then you need to be able to recover that data in a timely and efficient manner with minimal disruption to the business. The key challenge is if you have no backup and recovery plan once it is gone its gone forever.
One key requirement in today’s backup and recovery strategy is to ensure you have a cloud element to your strategy. The cloud means you can minimise the risk of data being lost across all forms of incidents. The cloud also allows users to access files from any location on any device that is connected to the internet.
Some other key questions to be answered in relation to the data backup strategy is the frequency of back up and what to backup. Which files which documents, and which applications (email, crm system, Order, and fulfillment applications). The answers for each business will be different and will be subject to what you determine are the critical data needs of your business.


You can read the full article over here.

The reported common statistics that we should all be aware of:
Reported by IBM – “95% of cyber-attacks are caused by human error”
Reported by – “1 attack every 10 minutes and 43% of cyber-attacks target SME business.”

What does this mean?


You can read the full article over here.

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